Recent Hall of Fame Classes


About Us

The Tioga County Sports Hall of Fame was founded by Lou Youdas in 1986 on an idea originated by Francis J. Kelly. The Tioga County Sports Hall of Fame is intended to recognize those individuals from Tioga County who have demonstrated great ability in the field of sports, to permanently record these achievements and present photographs, memorabilia and to recreate most exciting moments in the history of Tioga County sports.

Board of Directors

The Tioga County Sports Hall of Fame is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of members from the areas of each of the county high schools.

Cowanesque Valley

Dennis Fitzwater - Cowanesque Valley

Dennis Fitzwater

Roy Vargeson - Cowanesque Valley

Roy Vargeson



Joe Cevette - Elkland

Joe Cevette

Andy Orchowski - Elkland

Andy Orchowski

Tim Whitney - Elkland

Tim Whitney



Ron Mace - Liberty

Ron Mace



Wes Detar - Mansfield

Wes Detar

Jason Dominick - Mansfield

Jason Dominick


North Penn

Kenneth Johnson - North Penn

Kenneth Johnson

Thomas McNamara - North Penn

Thomas McNamara



Tim Frazier - Wellsboro

Tim Frazier

Janelle Tombs - Wellsboro

Janelle Tombs

Keith Tombs - Wellsboro

Keith Tombs



Cheryl Sottolano - Williamson

Cheryl Sottolano

Matt Sottolano - Williamson

Matt Sottolano